About us

     “We Build the Art of Bodhrans”


Every single inch of our Bodhran drums have been meticulously handcrafted by a Professional Drum Smith,  using only the finest material, equipment, and incorporate the most important element when handcrafting the perfect instrument, pride in Craftsmanship and Care.

Review the following features of our Bodhran Drums, and you too will understand why Amateur and Professional musicians  alike are choosing Bridget Bodhran Drums, for both Live and Studio sessions.

• We have been building Bodhrans for over twenty years!

• We work directly with the player and their needs. You are  a big part of the building process!

• The Professional Bridget handmade Bodhran shell is made from multi layer hardwood, and is finished with a rounded bearing edge.

• The inner ring is handcrafted from multi layer hardwood.

• The Bridget Custom Tuning Lugs are machined from aircraft grade aluminum, coated in a black powder coated finish and fastened with black machine screws. ( both Allan tuners and Thumb tuners available).

• The goatskin is hand finished and chemically treated, with the spine of the skin in the middle of the drum, to allow for a more uniform sound (Natural also available).

• Our Bodhran Drums are known for having a very deep, rich bass tone.

• Each Bridget handcrafted drum sold is backed with a one year warranty (excluding skin) and is proudly made in Canada.