Q: Why are your drums called Bridget?
A: Over twenty years ago, our Professional Brodhran drums were named after our Mother, which means strength. ” We are so proud of our drums, we put our Mothers name on them”

Q: Who builds the drums?
A: Russell who is the owner of the Bridget Drum Company, is a professionally skilled furniture maker and drum player. Each drum is built to only the highest standard using only the highest quality materials.
Q: What is the shell made from?
A: Our shells and inner tuning ring is made from multi layer hard wood. There is no soft wood in our shells.

Q: Do I need to have a straight bar on my drum?
A: Absolutely not!, because we use multi later hardwood shells, the shell will not warp with or without a straight bar.

Q: What are the tuning lugs made from?
A: Our tuning lugs are made from 60-61 aircraft grade aluminum. We powder coat our lugs which is much stronger than paint.

Q: How do you attach the lugs and straight bar to the shell?
A: We use black iodized machine screws to attach the lugs and straight bars. Our drums are designed that each part can be removed.

Q: Why would I remove a lug?
A: There  is little to no chance you would ever have to. Our lugs are designed to last for generations.

Q: Do  you use goat skin for the drum head?
A: Yes,  Our  goat skin heads are hand picked and comes from a food byproduct first. We chemically treat our heads for several reasons, the chemical treatment gives the drum a deeper sound, is not as susceptible to humidity and helps prevent the skin from tearing away from the shell. The skin NEVER needs oiling, and does not need a “break in period”. When we apply the skin to the drum, we put the spine of the skin in the centre of the drum, this allows for a more uniform sound.

Q: How do you attach the goat skin head to the shell?
A: The skin is attached using a special gluing process. The skin is then further attached with steel shank tacks and our in house banding.

Q: Can I order a certain thickness of goat skin?
A: You can order a thin, medium or thick skin when you place your order.

Q: Do you add electrical tape to the exterior of the goat skin?
A: We do not need to add any tape to our heads. Because  the heads are chemically treated, it takes away most of the overtones in the drum.

Q: Do you double layer ( put two skins together) your goat skin heads?
A: We do not double layer our heads. When two skins are placed together, they tend to buzz.

Q: If I break the drum head, do you offer a replacement?
A: We can certainly replace your skin for a cost of 75.00 plus shipping. We only offer this on our drums.

Q: What kind of warranty do you give on your drums?
A: We give a one year warranty on craftsmanship and materials (excluding the head).

Q: I see you also offer Bodhran tippers, what are the brush tippers made from?
A: Again we use only the finest materials in our products. Our tippers and made from hard wood. Our brush tippers are made using flagged poly bristles that will not scratch the drum head.